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18th Apr
sarah jarosz 1000 things

Sarah at GAMH on April 29

The incomparable young singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz will be taking over the GAMH stage on Tuesday April 29th for a full “Evening with” performance delving into her burgeoning catalog of heartfelt and introspective compositions. Listen to Sarah’s personal message about the show in this video and hear her perform “1,000 Things”, a song she co-wrote with […]

14th Apr

Opening for Nickel Creek

Well folks, it is with great excitement that I get to announce that I’ll be opening a handful of dates for Nickel Creek this summer! I’m not sure if I would even be playing music today if it weren’t for the inspiration Chris, Sara, & Sean provided when I heard their music for the first […]

10th Apr
sarah jarosz

The Austin Chronicle

The Austin Chronicle Great Expectations Sarah Jarosz’s unbroken circle By Abby Johnston “If I get too comfortable in one place for too long, the inspiration and the drive to keep pushing starts to fade away a little bit. Not everybody is like that. Some people can have their cushy little scenario wherever they love and […]

10th Apr
KGSR Sarah Jarosz

Sarah Live on KGSR

Austin folks! Good to be home. Tune into KGSR 93.3 during the noon hour today to hear me play a couple of songs and chat with Kristen Kurtis. – Sarah Listen live here.

01st Apr
sarah jarosz

Acoustic Guitar’s 30 Under 30

Part 4: Trevor Gordon Hall, Courtney Hartman, Maneli Jamal, and Sarah Jarosz Sarah Jarosz, 22 Austin, Texas Jarosz’s first instrument was the mandolin, but her fingerpicking guitar work has flourished in recent years. On three chart-topping bluegrass solo albums, Jarosz has shown herself to be a songwriter and player to be reckoned with (her tune […]